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From their website:

BRACHA – Living with a high risk of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Bracha = Blessing
BRACHA is a charitable organization, 100% voluntary, founded by Lisa Cohen. BRACHA is based in Israel, where you will find support for individuals and families who have been diagnosed with a BRCA 1/2 genetic mutation or are living with a high risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Top Israeli medical Experts make up the BRACHA Committee. BRACHA aims to raise awareness and knowledge of HBOC in an aim to save lives and prevent cancer.
We are now bringing this support network to our extended International community through Facebook so that information sharing, personal stories and experiences can be shared in an environment where the understanding of the Jewish perspective is regarded with utmost importance – the gift of life – and we believe that the progress of modern medical technology allows us to save lives, which is a true blessing!
“Whoever saves one life has saved a World” Sanhedrin.
YOU are invited to join us on:
The BRACHA website: www.bracha.org.il
Facebook: עמותת ברכה – Bracha
For more information please contact us by mail: info@bracha.org.il
We can help you in Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian & Spanish.

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