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From their website:

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancer is a call to action for advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, survivors and the lay public to unify their global efforts in a common goal of fostering public awareness and education about gynecologic cancer.

Mission: The mission of Globe-athon is Women’s Wellness…no matter who you are, where you are, or what you believe in. We hope to increase awareness of women’s cancer, address disparities, and transcend barriers (i.e. ethnic, racial political, geographic, financial, cultural and religious) through educational outreach, global community engagement, and by advancing research.

VisionThe vision of Globe-athon is to End Women’s Cancers.

Core Values: We are One. As individual communities, we make a difference locally.  As a global community, we are unstoppable. 

She Matters…

Empowerment for women’s health and wellness

Every contribution counts…One step can make a world of difference

Normalized equality

Core Purpose: Knowledge + Action = Empowerment

Highlight disparities in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment particularly those in underserved racial, ethnic, and socio-economic populations

Educate: Increase opportunities to learn about cancer and how to prevent it

Achieve awareness: Recognize cancers below the belt kill women

Research: Create a global community to advance understanding and treatment of women’s cancers

Deliver culturally competent and compassionate care


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