Empowering the global ovarian cancer community through knowledge, collaboration and action.

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a global network of close to 200 like-minded patient advocacy organizations working towards a common vision – a world where every woman with ovarian cancer has the best chance of survival and best quality of life, no matter where she lives.

Be part of a global movement

By joining the Coalition, you become part of a vibrant, inspiring global movement working towards improving outcomes for everyone diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

World Ovarian Cancer Day 

World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8th is the one day of the year where our global community raises our voice in solidarity to raise awareness and call for action to change the future of ovarian cancer. We raise awareness year round, but this is our flagship annual initiative. Thanks to our global network, our extended social media reach for the day was over 100 million last year!

As a Coalition partner, you will have access to all of our free World Ovarian Cancer Day materials, including social media posts, templates for posters, online tools and one-on-one tutorials on how to make the most of social media to spread the message. Many of our core resources and key messages are translated – we currently have translations for our posts in 30 languages. As a Coalition partner we will work with you to create assets in the format and language you require.

Virtual Events 

As a Coalition partner, your organization will have the opportunity to participate in our regular virtual events, for example our Ovarian Cancer Charter Summit Series and our Round Tables on key issues impacting on the ovarian cancer experience.


Annual Partner Meeting

Our inaugural Global Partner Meeting was held virtually in 2021. These annual meetings are an opportunity to learn about new research and treatment developments, and to network with global advocacy colleagues. Our goal is also to highlight the amazing work of our partner organizations by sharing their good practice. As a partner organization you can also put yourself forward for a World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Impact Award that recognises outstanding and innovative initiatives.

Partner Directory

One of our greatest strengths is the ability to connect with global colleagues. Through our partner directory and our website, we work hard to facilitate connections and signpost others to your organization.


Last but definitely not least, member organizations receive regular bulletins and newsletters where we share information about upcoming events, Coalition news, data briefings, and World Ovarian Cancer Day campaign updates.

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We look forward to working together to ensure that every woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer has the best outcome possible, no matter where she lives!


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