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Asociación AMESE apoyo a mujeres con enfermedades del seno

From their website:


CLAUDIA SAA CABAL (1956 – 2009) was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004. This brave woman worked hard to leave a love legacy, resilience and straight during her battle against the disease.

Back in 2006, with a group of patients going through the same struggle and under the wings of a medical team (Jose Joaquin Caicedo Mallarino and Jose Fernando Robledo) AMESE was born like a dream of a brighter tomorrow for any breast cancer patient, just as its acronym indicates support to women with breast conditions. AMESE (support for women with breast diseases). Since then we have been working to reach as many patients as we can, with national organizations as international help as well, our main goal is to find the disease as early as possible, and once is detected give all the support to the patients and their families. AMESE has grown to be able to reach every kind of places in Colombia.


With a service attitude,  AMESE  teaches the general population about knowledge and self-care of the breast for an early diagnosis. Provides support to people diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.


In 2022 AMESE will be leading the way in the history of fight against breast cancer in Colombia, thanks to our volunteers, associates and collaborators.

  subdireccion@amese.org   (571) 311 8137860

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