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Asociación de Pacientes Afectados por Cáncer de Ovario

ASACO – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1–cPcKdRLlbWe5ZEf3SQ_n5ygqWNBfWx/view

ASACO’S vision is to provide a healthy environment, so that in any circumstances of health or disease, she can enjoy her life daily, both as an individual or with her partner or family.

All the activity that ASACO carries out is done in accordance with various values such as ethics, respect, commitment, transparency and solidarity.

ASACO (Association of People Affected by Ovarian and Gynecological Cancer) is a non-profit
association that has been operating in Spain since 2011.

ASACO is formed of women affected by ovarian and gynecological cancer, as well as their relatives or caregivers, health professionals and collaborators who are involved in medical and
psychological treatment.

We are the first association, at the state level, that groups specifically patients and relatives of
these oncological diseases.

ASACO has 9 different regional support groups; in order to inform, support and accompany both patients and their families or caregivers.

ASACO has been essential in the lives of ovarian and gynecological cancer patients in many ways. In 2014 they embarked on a “Wellness Project”, developed with ASACO’s own funds, has been working since 2014 caring for and improving the quality of life and well- being of women suffering from gynecological cancers.

ASACO offers comprehensive and free support, in order to provide patients and their families with emotional, physical and social care. We are aware of the importance of a good psycho-physical balance. For this, we have various professionals in psycho-oncology, physiotherapy and social work at the national level and we answer a large number of calls in our volunteer team.

We can describe it as the most important patient and family care project of our association; through which, countless women and their loved ones benefit and improve their situation.


This action consists of giving general information about public and private institutions, to carry out genetic and hereditary cancer studies in Spain with the help of a map of the Hereditary Cancer Section of the SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology). On the other hand, thanks to the relationships established between ASACO and the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) through the Human Cancer Genetics Program, directed by Dr. Javier Benítez, and the Family Cancer Clinical Unit, directed by the Dr. Miguel Urioste, this unit will carry out the genetic risk assessment, including specific genetic studies when necessary, to all those ASACO member patients who wish to do so.


ASACO and the Angela Navarro Foundation. Facilitates wigs for those patients with gynecological cancer.


It offers free oncoesthetic advice workshops to ASACO member patients in the Valencian Community.

In 2021

On February 23, we presented the “From Now Me” platform, a comprehensive project for patients with ovarian cancer and their environment. A website where we find reliable and rigorous information provided by recognized experts in the care and well-being of ovarian cancer patients. Representatives of ASACO, physicians specializing in medical oncology and
oncological gynecology, and other expert professionals in key areas for comprehensive patient care, such as psycho-oncology, nutrition, physiotherapy and physical activity, sexology and
oncology aesthetics.

We hope that it will be of great use to patients, to all women and to society in general.

Also: 10th birthday
ASACO’S 10th Birthday, 2021

On November 17, 2021, ASACO celebrated 10 years of existence with a face-to-face meeting at the Impact Hub of Prosperidad-Madrid, after so many months of restrictions, where the anniversary video was also shared.

It was attended by members, family members, health professionals and public administration.

We appreciate the support received from patients, families, doctors, researchers, pharma companies and general population for highlighting the progress made during these years together with the greater visibility achieved.

ASACO school of writing – The ASACO SCHOOL OF WRITING began its activities
in October 2021 aimed at all those patients, or relatives, interested in a greater knowledge of
themselves, in an investigation of their emotions and in the creative and therapeutic possibilities of writing.

8th May, World Ovarian Cancer Day
We are very happy about the impact that this Ninth World
Ovarian Cancer Day had, through a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE on

We thank Dr. Luisa Sánchez Lorenzo and Dr. Santiago
Domingo, who collaborated with ASACO with their talks on
these less frequent types of tumors.

live theater piece was presentedplayed by the actress Saturna Barrio, who has a
longcareer in theater and television.

Added to this activity was the illumination of our distinctive color indifferent public
spaces, which we quote in alphabetical order: Alcobendas (Fountain of the Gardens of
Memory), Barcelona (Fountainsornamental of Plaza Catalunya, those of Granvia-Pg
Gràcia and those of Jardinets de Gràcia), Malaga, Majorca, Madrid (Cibeles Fountain),
Vitoria and Zaragoza (Hispanidad Fountain, Plaza del Pilar; Color Fountain,José
Antonio Labordeta Park; Plaza España Fountain; Source ofAragon Square).

COVID support

  info@asociacionasaco.es   +34 91 563 18 01

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