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Cancer Patients Europe

From their website:

Our Mission: A United Voice for the Cancer Community in Europe
At Cancer Patients Europe (CPE), our core mission is to represent and empower the voices of cancer patients and cancer survivors, advocating for their needs and rights at every stage of their journey. Our commitment extends beyond simple advocacy; we actively work alongside policymakers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders to co-create policies that promote prevention, high-quality care, treatment, and support survivorship.

Our Vision: Reducing the Burden of Cancer
CPE’s vision is as fundamental as it is ambitious, we envision to significantly reduce the burden of cancer on patients, carers, survivors, healthcare systems, and society. We dream of a tomorrow where cancer’s impact is not only greatly minimised in terms of health, but also in the emotional, financial, and societal challenges it poses.

Our approach in achieving this mission stretches across the entire cancer pathway, from enhancing prevention and early detection efforts to ensuring access to high-quality care and innovative treatments. It also means supporting survivors in their post-treatment journey.

CPE’s pursuit is guided by strategic priorities, including advocating for patient-centred European policies and legislation, contributing to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, building the capacity of our members, empowering patients, and fostering organizational collaboration at both the European and national levels.


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