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Cancer Survivors Quest

Cancer Survivors Quest (CSQ) is a Malawi-based non-profit organization founded in 2011 by cancer survivor, Chikhulupiliro Stanley Jnr Ng’ombe. Registered in 2012, CSQ operates with a survivor-run secretariat and an open membership policy. Dedicated to supporting cancer patients and survivors, CSQ provides patient-centered services, emphasizing psychosocial care and holistic support. Their initiatives include awareness campaigns, patient support programs, and projects like “Celebrate Life” and “Alinafe Cervical Cancer Screening,” which extend assistance to rural communities.

CSQ’s mission is to promote cancer awareness and improve the lives of patients and survivors nationwide. Core objectives include creating a supportive network, establishing awareness clubs, and complementing government policies on non-communicable diseases. While currently self-funded through sales of awareness products and donations, CSQ faces challenges such as financial constraints and difficulty recruiting volunteers due to prevalent negative attitudes toward cancer.

Despite challenges, CSQ’s survivor-centric approach and passionate advocacy empower them to make a tangible impact in the fight against cancer. Through determination and compassion, CSQ endeavors to provide support, hope, and dignity to those affected by cancer in Malawi.

  cancersurvivorsquest@gmail.com   +265 991 81 69 67

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