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COPES Gynae Oncology Support

From their website:

COPES started in Nov 2005 as we established the need for additional support, awareness and research.

A collaboration of the Gynaecology Team, the identified patient need and generous donations by patients and families have been the driving force to initiate the formation of COPES. The Charity’s main aims’ are patient support, research, education and raising awareness of gynaecological cancers within the Essex area. The charity ‘COPES’ (registered number 1057266) was set up it stands for Cervical, Ovarian, Perineal, Endometrial cancer Support.

Gynaecological cancers can often be a forgotten group, a diagnosis and treatment of these cancers can have an impact on multiple aspects of health and well-being.

We are seeing increases in numbers of women surviving cancer every day. The Essex Gynaecology Oncology Team work closely with the COPES members which makes a brilliant team that is so passionate about constantly improving care and support to all patients.

We all strive to provide best treatment options available for each patient we care for. Resources are stretched in the NHS so to be able to do this we rely so heavily on the additional funds raised by COPES.

COPES is heading towards its 20th anniversary and going from strength to strength and assisting more and more women.

Founding members:

Emma Chaplin
Gynaecology Oncology Cancer Nurse Specialist

Mr Razvi Consultant
Gynaecology Oncologist

Mo Webster
Gynaecology Oncology Health Care Assistant


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