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From their website:

The association for help and support of patients with gynecological diseases FEMINA M Skopje is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan organization formed by free association of citizens in order to offer support and information to patients and their families affected by gynecological diseases, to raise awareness for gynecological diseases with a special emphasis on gynecological malignancies, to lobby to enable these patients to have better and equal access to quality and modern therapy and modern treatments and cures that are available to patients from Western Europe and other developed countries and through campaigns and other activities and to improve their quality of life.

Easier access to the latest information and modern methods of treatment, related to the problem of the disease.

Help and support of patients with our programs and projects, open workshops and forums in which a part of medical professionals and humanitarian workers (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists) will be included.

Our vision is to be synonymous with a patient association that sets new, more competent and higher standards regarding the approach to the treatment of hematological and oncological diseases. Opening new opportunities for patients to the appropriate approach to treatment, according to the examples of highly developed health systems, in Europe and worldwide.
  contact@feminam.org.mk   +389 70 349 550

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