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Hope Light Foundation

From their website:

The Hope Light Mission

“The Hope Light Project is dedicated to 1) communicating cancer awareness information to impact cancer prevention, cancer victim survivorship and saving lives and 2) to promote cancer education and research.” 

The Hope Light Project Mission supports The Hope Light Foundation by employing innovative strategies to impact survivorship and save lives by communicating all-cancers awareness information  through a 24/7/365,  multi-venue, multi-media, high visibility,  integrated, collaborative, state-of-the-art technology campaign.  The major focus of the Foundation is promoting early cancer detection that along with early diagnosis and treatment can result in cancer survivorship.  Our hope is that all cancer patients will become cancer survivors.  The Hope Light Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity with all donations being tax deductible.

The Hope Light Project

The Project employs the basic principles of evidence-based public health to develop strategies, goals, objectives, plans and programs used in the fight against cancer.  The Project begins by researching  current cancer incidence and death rate trend data in state cancer  registry’s and major cancer organization information systems to determine the problem and identify at-risk for cancer communities and populations.  This data is then compared with community related behavioral risk factors, scientific studies, socioeconomic data,  environmental data, etc. to determine strategies, goals and objectives and to develop cancer awareness communications,  evidence-based intervention programs and outcomes measures.
The Hope Light Foundation is active in developing working-together relationships with state agencies, universities and stakeholders to help in evaluating cancer data, performing  community needs analysis and developing cancer related intervention programs. 

  info@hopelightproject.com   +1 314-838-4959

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