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Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida

From their website:

The Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida, founded 13 years ago, is the only Brazilian social organization that is simultaneously dedicated to the two main causes of mortality – cancer and cardiovascular diseases – in addition to the intense work related to human health.

Our mission is to mobilize and engage society and health managers, helping to expand access to services, from prevention to treatment, and to truly change the health scenario in Brazil. We work so that all Brazilians have information and access to dignified and quality health, at all stages of life.

Our origin had the very special inspiration of Dr. Erik Roger Wroclavisk, renowned urologist, who fell ill due to prostate cancer and who, before his death in 2009, made us aware of the need to found an institution that addressed the importance of men’s health awareness . In that purpose in 2011, we created the Blue November, the largest campaign on men’s health in Brazil, which, unlike what many people imagine, is not an international movement
replicated in Brazil, but a campaign genuinely created in Brazil by the Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida .

In 2014, we expanded our activities with the national campaign Siga Seu Coração, which alerts and informs about cardiovascular diseases. And, in 2015, we included several other types of cancer in our approaches, completing the third axis of action of Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida.

Since 2019, we have also held the Global Forum – Fronteiras da Saúde – www.globalforumsaude.com.br – annual international forum, which in 2021 will have its third edition and which, in the opinion of many executives in the sector, has become the most important event to discuss issues relevant to health in Brazil.

The Global Forum – Fronteiras da Saúde has the institutional support of academic organizations such as Harvard University/David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies; Center for Regulation and Democracy of Insper and IBMEC/RJ. Throughout our trajectory, we have practiced as fundamental values: comprehensive care, the construction of collective health awareness, with responsibility, ethics, transparency, innovation and sustainability. We adopt the best management practices of the third sector, we have our code of conduct, the full movement of resources is properly recorded in accounting and confirmed by an independent external audit.

We are currently strengthening corporate governance with the constitution of the Board of Directors. We seek to fulfill our mission by carrying out actions and projects that go through annual campaigns to raise awareness of the population about health alerts and care, the importance of early diagnosis, innovations in treatments to the rehabilitation of patients who have already experienced cancer . or a cardiovascular disease and are being monitored. Advocacy, support, guidance and information initiatives are part of the universe of actions being developed daily by Instituto Lado a Lado pela Vida.

During 2020, we managed to impact 55 million people in all of our actions, including four awareness campaigns, 49 own events, 7,400 direct attendances and more than 125 participations in public hearings, external events, international meetings, meetings with parliamentarians, meetings with the Executive, in addition to CONASS and

In November Blue, more than 85 million people have been impacted since 2011, 10.3 million of which in 2020 alone. In the Siga Seu Coração campaign, more than 70 million people were reached since 2014, of which 6.7 million in 2020. and other data express the enormous impact and reach of our work. In our 13-year journey, we are proud of having managed to achieve a set of expressive number of actions that were made possible with the support and sponsorship of several companies that understand and value the vital importance of health for the construction of a better, fairer, more inclusive country and growth opportunities for all. However, we are aware that much remains to be done to transform the current health scenario in Brazil. We want to accomplish more and provide greater social impact within our field of activity.

  contato@ladoaladopelavida.org.br   +55 11 3050-5510

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