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Jill’s TEAL Appeal

From their website:

Jill’s TEAL Appeal is a non-profit foundation established in loving memory of Jill Dezi-Samperi. Jill’s vibrant spirit and unwavering love for life continue to inspire us every day, despite her tragic battle with Ovarian Cancer. Jill’s legacy is deeply rooted in her profound affection for children. Her children meant the world to her, and she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to nurturing and cherishing them, guiding them with love, wisdom and compassion through life’s ups and downs.

In honor of Jill’s memory and her boundless love for children, our foundation is committed to giving back to those who need it most. We believe that every child deserves comfort, joy and a sense of security, especially during challenging times. With this vision in mind, we will make and distribute “Joyful Journey Kits” to the children at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. These kits will include essential items such as homemade blankets, drawing pads, crayons, puzzle books, journals, stickers and other comforting resources aimed at providing solace and entertainment during their hospital stay.


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