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Not These Ovaries

From their website:
Not These Ovaries

Ovarian Cancer research is severely underfunded.

Action saves lives. People with ovarian cancer concerns are overwhelmed with convoluted, non-actionable information and symptoms that go unnoticed or written off for too long.

Ovarian cancer charities, while well intentioned, are opaque about how they make an impact — often taking years to fund just one study.

We’re moving quickly to save more lives and transform more futures, faster.

What We Are
We are an ovarian cancer nonprofit working to quickly fund research and trials — starting with the rarer and riskier borderline and low-grade serous types — so more people can get the treatment they need to survive and thrive.

Our Mission
Committed to putting 100% of donations to work, our mission is to move fast to fund clinical trials and support frontline researchers — catalyzing annual improvement to end Ovarian Cancer while providing patients with the information they need.

100% Donation Model
Our directors were inspired by the 100% model developed by charity: water. We decided that 100% of public donations would go directly to fund research projects. We’d even pay back credit card fees, meaning if a donor gave $100 with a credit card and we got only $97, we’d make up the $3 and send the full $100 to fund the research. Since we organize the cancer research projects and operations sides of our business differently – separate purposes, separate fundraising goals, and separate bank accounts, we can guarantee that every public dollar donated helps drive towards research to cure this deadly cancer.

What is the Not These Ovaries non-profit?
Not These Ovaries is a Miami-based non-profit organization dedicated to driving impactful change in women’s health. The name represents the strength and inspiration of a woman who faced this cancer. Our foundation is committed to funding vital research and education initiatives aimed at preventing, treating, and ultimately eradicating one of the most deadly women’s cancers: ovarian cancer. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, we’re driven by a passionate belief in the power of research and education to transform lives and pave the way for a healthier future.

Where does Not These Ovaries focus?
We believe that every woman deserves the best possible care. At Not These Ovaries, we focus our efforts on four key pillars, each designed to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women affected by ovarian cancer. We focus our efforts and research on borderline and low-grade ovarian cancer which impacts younger patients.

Researching the Key to Prevention: We invest in groundbreaking research to develop a vaccine that holds the potential to prevent ovarian cancer, addressing a critical gap in women’s healthcare.

Finding and Deploying a Cure: We support initiatives aimed at finding cures for this devastating disease, offering hope to patients and their families.

Enhancing Treatment Success and Patient Experience: Through collaboration with medical experts and institutions, we work to develop better treatments that improve success rates and enhance the overall patient experience during their journey towards recovery.

Empowering Physicians: Early detection and accurate diagnosis play a pivotal role in improving patient outcomes. We are dedicated to expanding physician training programs, equipping healthcare providers with the skills to identify symptoms of ovarian cancer at its earliest stages. By fostering a network of informed medical professionals, we aim to transform the landscape of ovarian cancer care.

Contact us via email at impact @ NotTheseOvaries.org.


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