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Powell-Drescher Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

From their website:

In 2010, Sachia Stonefeld Powell attended a fundraiser at which gynecological oncologist Dr. Charles Drescher was the keynote speaker. Dr. Drescher’s speech inspired Sachia to begin raising funds for ovarian cancer research. Six years later that fundraising effort became personal when Sachia herself was diagnosed,  and her physician-patient collaboration with Dr. Drescher began.

Ovarian cancer has a low survival rate, and yet ovarian cancer research has been – and remains – critically underfunded. Many scientists will never meet the beneficiaries of their career-long efforts. Sachia, a patient and an energetic advocate for ovarian cancer research, and Dr. Drescher, a dedicated clinician and researcher, share something profound: Together, through collaboration, the physician and the patient, the scientist and the survivor, have the power to change the statistics.

Together, Sachia and Dr. Drescher have raised over $100,000 for ovarian cancer research. But it’s not enough. So, we’ve collaborated again to establish The Powell-Drescher Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to directly POWER the future of ovarian cancer research. We are building an endowment that funds ovarian cancer research into the future to eradicate this disease. And along the way, we will continue to champion the powerful collaboration between the scientist and the survivor.

We’re powering the future of ovarian cancer research by endowing funds and championing collaboration between scientist and survivor.


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