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Shepherd Care Family Health and Education Initiative

From their website:

Shepherd care family health and Education initiative registeration No CAC/IT/NO55136. SCULM RN: SC151400110, was incorporated in 12/08/2012 with the sole aim of addressing , maternal health and in & out of school children challenges bedevilling Northern Nigeria ,with the aim of providing lasting solution,for the progress of the entire region and Nigeria at large .It is no longer news that Northern Nigeria is increasingly ravage with maternal health challenges resulting from early or child marriage , and lack of medical facilities in communities, Facilities like primary health centres are either not available or very far from some community , Traditional birth attendant lack modern techniques or espertise to address complication from child birth , Child immunization are not accepted or traditionally rejected because of believes ,Antnatal care is poorly accepted , uninary track infection is common among women .Breast cancer eating deep into fabric of the community . These is the side of women within reproductive Age. In the case of children About 13 million children roam the street of the North during the day , as Almajirai ,with no proper meal ,shelter hygen or Prospect for Modern and good Education, Some of them go through so many forms of abused ,some resort to crime as a means of survivals. Northern Nigeria is also the modt impoverish Region in the country ,with poverty rate as high as 65% . Haven notice these, with the support of my Bossom friend Mallam Ghali Talle Danbazau, we Registered our Desire to confront these challenges .in partnership with many Development partners ,local and international, we also build Network of volunteers across the 19 states of the North .With Sub regional offices ,in Abuja fct ,Kano Kano state Maiduguri Borno state and Gboko Benue State Nigeria .Finally we shall be glad to partner any organisation local or international in Addressing these challenges.

  info@shepherdcares.com.ng   +2348098239817

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