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Supporting Ovarian Cancer Knowledge (SOCK) was the brainchild of the late Jane Keating. Following her diagnosis with ovarian cancer, Jane wanted to do something positive as there was limited information available to women about ovarian cancer. Jane approached a number of her friends and family from the Blanchardstown area and suggested that a charity be formed. With this Supporting Ovarian Cancer Knowledge (SOCK) was founded in 2010 when SOCK received charitable status (our charity number is CHY19231). SOCK it is a non-profit organisation and is dedicated to raising funds for research into and awareness of ovarian cancer. In light of recent media coverage in relation to charities, SOCK would like to confirm that all members volunteer their time to the charity. No wages or bonus payments are given to members. 100% of donations go directly towards ovarian cancer.

1.      Awareness

The SOCK Committee became very aware that there are leaflets in doctors’ surgeries in relation to breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer etc., however, not for ovarian cancer. We decided that SOCK would change this. Our first initiative was to develop an information leaflet which highlights the symptoms of ovarian cancer and promote awareness of this cancer. Our leaflet has been endorsed by Consultant Medical Oncologist Paula Calvert, (Waterford Regional Hospital & Whitfield Clinic). This awareness campaign is well underway with our information leaflets available in doctors’ surgeries throughout Ireland. Our slogan is to Know your body, Know the symptoms – because the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be very vague and they often appear at a late stage. In order to ensure this campaign continues and that we can develop this in the future we need to continue fundraising.

In February 2015, SOCK and OvaCare launched a new ovarian cancer website for Ireland. This website contains important information in relation to symptoms, risk factors, treatment, terminology and a listing of useful resources. Please click here for more information.  In addition, we have launched a short video highlighting the symptoms of ovarian cancer, please click here to view.

2.      Research

SOCK is part funding a Research Co-Ordinator post in the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit in Waterford Regional Hospital.  This is enabling research into ovarian cancer and assisting in the roll out of medical trials to ovarian cancer patients. To date it has enabled the roll out of the ICON8 trail to ovarian cancer patients in the south-east. For more information on  ICON8 and other ovarian cancer trails taking place please visit the ICORG website by clicking on the ICORG logo below. In addition, SOCK recently provided €20,000 funding to Ovarian Cancer Research in Trinity / St James’s Hospital.

SOCK is also reviewing other projects underway in Ireland.

SOCK is not sponsored by a government body which means that we are totally reliant on our fund-raising activities & sponsorship to fund these initiatives. If you would to get involved in fundraising events please email SOCK at info@sock.ie

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