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The association of women suffering from and treated for cancer SVE for NJU provides psychosocial, information and logistical support to women suffering from any type of cancer. Family members can also turn to the association for help. The main goals of the Association are to provide informational, psychological and logistical assistance to women suffering from any type of cancer, as well as to their families through the Center for Psychological Assistance project, as well as the promotion of disease prevention and the development of a healthy lifestyle, education and publishing in the function of education and prevention. The association was founded by three patients: Vesna Andrijević-Matovac, Bojana Benović and Almenka Balenović .

The first president of the Association was Vesna Andrijević-Matovac , who led the Association for the first years and developed its mission and vision together with others.


  • Organizes permanent, systematic, informative and professional psychosocial care for women with cancer and their families
  • Independently and in cooperation with other organizations and institutions, designs and implements preventive and educational actions and public health campaigns
  • It carries out activities aimed at policy changes in the field of improving treatment, rights of patients and psychosocial care


  • The association is recognized as an intermediary and medium through which society (public, private and state sector) shows its responsibility for women with cancer and their families.
  • It brings together experts with a high level of personal and professional responsibility who are engaged in providing psychological help to patients and in disease prevention.
  • The center for psychological help is a place where sick and treated women and their families receive psychological support and care
  info@svezanju.hr   +385 1 641 87 65

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