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The Clearity Foundation

Founded in 2008 by scientist and survivor Laura Shawver, Ph.D, the Clearity Foundation is revolutionizing the ovarian cancer experience one person at a time. Every person’s ovarian cancer experience is as unique as they are. That’s why Clearity does more to help each person understand their diagnosis, treatment and life situation, giving more options and more hope for life with ovarian cancer.

In 2021, the Clearity Foundation was the recipient of one of our Impact Awards. This award is given to organizations that have made a real and lasting impact on the lives of those diagnosed with ovarian cancer within their community. Not only that – they are a World Ovarian Cancer Coalition Charter Champion. These recognitions were given for their work with the Treatment Decision Support program.

The Treatment Decision Support program is informed by the fact that ovarian cancer is a heterogeneous disease and each woman’s tumor has a unique molecular profile that can affect her response to treatment. To this end, Clearity’s Scientific Team updates their website with the latest treatment options available at new diagnosis, at maintenance, and at recurrence or disease progression. They also explain how tumor biomarker testing can reveal the cancer’s molecular profile which can point to standard treatments or ones in clinical trials that may be effective.

Clearity’s Scientific Team provides individualized one-to-one consultation to explain the latest research about ovarian cancer and tumor-testing results. Clearity does not provide medical advice about which treatments a patient should receive but rather provides potential questions and other information that patients can discuss directly with their physicians.

Clearity also offers a bespoke, state-of-the-art online Clinical Trial Finder. It is the only ovarian cancer-focused clinical trial search engine that enables searches based on details of the patient’s clinical situation as well as tumor genotype, trial phase of development, location, and drug name, category or molecular target. Trials are linked to their full description on www.clinicaltrials.gov. This program is offered free of charge to United States residents.

To help with the stress and emotional impacts of an ovarian cancer diagnosis women and their family members can be matched with a licensed professional ovarian cancer counselor for personalized, one-to-one sessions. Clearity’s ovarian cancer counseling program offers up to ten sessions of professional support over the course of six months and includes educational content, resources and referrals.

All of Clearity’s services are offered at no cost to participants. To read more about the Clearity Foundation’s wonderful work, search for a clinical trial, access personalized ovarian cancer counseling or consultation from the Scientific Team, go to their website at https://www.clearityfoundation.org/ .


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